Project 333

If you look in the menu, you will find Project 333.  This is where I will be posting information about my journey diving into my #project333 and #capsulewardrobe project. I will pick 33 pieces out of my wardrobe for each season and only wear these things.  Usually this is done every three months. Hence 333, 33 things, 3 months. But I live in Alabama so I can probably get away with stretching that. We will see. Included in the 33 things is shoes and accessories like jewelry and scarves. What is not included is under garments, at home lounge wear and things you never take off such as wedding bands and I include a necklace I wear daily and my Fitbit. You don’t have to included gym wear and yoga apparel if they are used for that purpose either. I’m new to this as of summer 2017 so hopefully this will help me organize, get rid of clothes I don’t like, realize how few items I need and how to better pair articles of clothing. I’m not good at fashion AT ALL. Hopefully this will help me in that area.


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