Okay, so have you ever heard of strep throat? Sure you have. Mine started last week with a scratchy throat and the next morning I woke up and I was so swollen, I couldn’t talk and could barely swallow. I was convinced I had strep or the case of mono I got in high school was back with avengence. It was awful. I had a fever, chills, headache and even nausea. Sure enough, my doctor told me I tested positive for strep. He wrote me a RX for antibiotics and told me to stay away from everyone for at least 24hrs. I stayed in bed the rest of that day and the next. The first day I was in and out of fever induced conciousness but managed to get quite a few popsicles down and several episodes of a new series I’ve been wanting to watch on Netflix. My husband and my mom split up the kids the first day. But he took one for the team and tackled all three the next.  I used to feel so bad when I would get sick. I would keep going with my duties and would never stay in bed for longer than a nap. But the funny thing is I would take a whole week, sometimes two to get better. Now, when I am sick, I let my body rest and heal. Life goes on. People step up and the clothes or shopping or dishes will either get done by my husband, or be waiting until I feel better. Who cares if he doesn’t do things exactly like I do. Who cares if my boys go an extra day without a bath or skip a toothbrushing on this rare occasion when two parents suddenly become one. The world doesn’t end. But I tell you what does happen. I heal. I can mentally and physically heal my body quickly and thoroughly. I ate soup (which my husband homemade) and ice cream and binged a whole TV series. It was a mini vacation. Did I feel AWFUL?  Heck YES!  Did I have a few times I wanted to get up and micromanage the household?  Yeah, but I didn’t because I’ve learned from past mistakes. And the third day, I woke up, showered and I was a new woman. Which was good because all three of our boys had to go to the doctor to get tested for strep. Two of them tested positive…

Love and peace



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  1. minimallol says:

    Oh Christal, you poor thing! How awful – I used to get strep throats and saying you have a sore throat doesn’t even begin to describe it. Glad to hear you are feeling better now and I just love your philosophy of letting your body heal, letting others help and not sweating the small stuff. Hope your boys will be okay. Lxx

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    1. Thank you Love! Luckily we caught theirs early and they haven’t gotten bad. I hope I never get that junk again!!

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