Wow…that was a long break…

Okay, so I went on vacation a few weeks ago and I’ve been on autopilot ever since.  BUT school is back in HALLELUJAH!  And now I can breathe.  And hopefully get my blog, Instagram, etc back in order.  I’ve got a whole new project333 wardrobe I’m working on for fall that I’m super excited about.  My husband thinks I’m a freak because I’m trotting around gathering up jeans, boots and sweaters while it’s still 90 degrees outside.  I can’t help it.  Fall is my FAVORITE season.  Sorry winter, I know you’ve got Christmas.  Don’t judge me but I’ve also started putting out pumpkin and autumn candles and decorations.  My husband said I’m as bad as Walmart.  Hey, I am southern.  We are allowed to be tacky.  There may or may not be a certain tree in our yard that still has Christmas lights on it.  Not my fault, it’s hard to reach and I’ve nagged my limit for someone to take them down.  I digress.  I’M BACK YA’LL!  And it’s so close to fall I can smell it.  Well, that may be because I’ve lit so many candles but whatever.  Stay tuned and I will post some new wardrobe pics and hopefully a lot more blog posts.

Love and peace,



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  1. minimallol says:

    Welcome back, Christal – you have been missed 🙂 Lxxx


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