Outfit 14

Okay, I’m back from vacation and back to posting my #project333 outfits. If you haven’t stolen one of your husband’s Oxford button ups for your #capsulewardrobe, then you are probably a better wife than me. He actually put this one in the give away pile so I don’t feel bad. It’s blue striped, paired with…

Outfit 12

This outfit of the day is my favorite light weight green v-neck sweater with a white v-neck t-shirt underneath, white linen pants and my canvas loafers. As you can tell, I’m all about comfort. As a stay at home mom I need to be comfortable and to be honest, everybody should feel comfortable in their…

Outfit 11

Can you tell that blue is my favorite color yet?  This is a gorgeous blouse with crochet detail that I choose as a part of my 33. I paired it with white jeans and my canvas loafers. Such a pretty outfit today. It can be dressed up or down with accessories.

Outfit 10

This was the perfect outfit for my day date with my 3yr old. We dropped my older two off at Vacation Bible School and we went to the movies. It’s my favorite jean shorts, a blue striped tank, a white collared button down and my canvas loafers. Cute outfit for this rainy day outing. P.s….

Outfit Nine

You’ve got to love this classic and simple look. It’s a plain white v-neck t-shirt, dark wash skinny jeans and a pair of Chuck’s. It’s perfect for dropping the kids off and running errands all day. This look will probably never go out of style.

Outfit 8

I’ve got to get a better camera. These cell phones are awful. Okay, I digress. More linen!!!  Crisp white linen pants, black tank top, and pale pink scarf.  Throw on some black flip flops and I’m out the door, hauling kids to VBS!